Colorful Birthday Party

Portion Guide

"What size of cake do I need?" One of the biggest questions ever asked of cake makers

Below I have tried to break it down for you. This will give you a rough serving guide on each cake size and also approx size of each portion.

Do get in touch if you have any queries

portion size

Our cakes tend to be made up of 4 layers of sponge

All cake sizes are based on a finger slice - approx  2.5cm x 4cm x 20cm

This size of slice is well portioned for adults to enjoy as a dessert or with a cup of coffee

Larger portion sizes are available upon request

cake  sizing & portion guide

Based on the above please see below a serving guide for each cake size

5 inch cake - 12-15 servings

6 inch cake - 20-22 servings

8 inch cake - 30-35 servings

Larger cake sizes are available - please get in touch for more information

Colorful Birthday Party